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Take advantage of top-quality design,user friendly,public demand, cool animations it all is, and all the features you need to build a Webflow site.

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Included In Maszai Template

Maszai webflow template comes with everything you need to to get your website off the ground.

2 landing Pages

Maszai has 02 Stunning Home pages design. Including risk management software & account management software

50+ sections

Maszai has 50+ amazing and creative sections which will help you to build stunning website with powerful and great ideas.

20+ inner pages

Maszai has 20+ important inner pages that will be needed for your business. You can customize these functionalities with your ideas.

Explore Our Beautiful Two Home Pages

The homepage is the face of your website. select one from two amazing homepages, to introduce your users to what you're doing.get your website off the ground.

Stunning Inner Pages

We have stunning 20+ inner page. you will use in your website beautifuilly

Utility Page

Choose these styles or cutomize easily following your ideas.


Choose these styles or cutomize easily following your ideas.

Figma File Included

To give you 100% control over the design, together with webflow project, you also get the figma file. after the purchase, simpl send us an email to and we will be happy to forward you the figma file.

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Let’s answer some of your frequent questions

What does "lifetime deal" mean?

It means you pay just once, have full access to the app and never pay again.

Are all future updates included in this deal?

100% until this deal goes off the market.

Is the price going to change?

Yes, each quarter we will increase the prices by 15%, meaning if you secure it now, it will grow in value.

Will this deal go off the market?

Yes, currently there is only 300 accesses available on the market and half of them are sold (in the moment of writing this). We cannot sell this forever, as the cost of managing it would ruin us at all, but if you are reading this - it means you can still get it.

Why only 300 accesses are sold?

The management, servers, AI and product costs are really high for Unlimited users, so we need to make sure the business stays healthy :)

What is this NFT thing?

NFT is a unique, digital, cryptographically stored Blockchain, certificate of the right of exclusive ownership of a digital file associated with NFT. Key of usage NFT with DigitalFirstAI platform is to allow token holders to authorize right to use the platform and resell the access on markets (like OpenSea) in the future.